ecm is one!

Excactly one year ago, on Friday 21st of September, 2018, Emmy’s Court Music was birthed. The story so far as been of success and of course with its attendant challenges.
First and foremost we bless God for giving us the grace to go this far. We sincerely appreciate friends, family and well wishes who have all been there for us in this first year. Big ups to our teeming fans worldwide who have given us the courage to carry on through their support and encouraging feedbacks. With uttermost respect, we doff our hats for the OAPs, DJs, Producers, artistes, Media houses and fellow operators in the Industry who have accepted us, show us love and lend their support in their individual capacity to push our brand this far. And to the entire ECM team, thanks for holding up this whole one year despite the challenges, let’s go do more this new year as every passing day brings us closer to our dream

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